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Executive Board

  • Remy Marin


    Leading the association into the next day, the forefront of all actions taken by MIA go through the President. As the driving force of the association, the President is obligated to work with all members and promote innovation in Miami.
  • Pedro Torrez

    Vice President

    Guiding the association towards prosperity, the Vice President strives to find practical solutions and keep the vision of the association in check, working alongside the president to help students and enterprises alike.
  • Celeste-Marie Talavera

    Director of Operations

    Tasked with the oversight of all activity, the Director of Operations is in charge of establishing all on-camplus affiliations, arranging community events, and heads the social media marketing, working with the association's CSO representative.
  • Rafael Hernandez

    Director of Technology

    Controlling all aspects of technology in the organization, the Director of Tech manages the website, implements new ways to make processes and tasks automated and more convenient, and is liable for the digital security of the association.
  • You


    By becoming a member of the Miami Innovators Association, you are joining a movement that will reshape the realm of Miami entrepreneurship forever.

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