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The majority of people seem to have "making lots of money" up on their list of reasons for going through with a high school and college education. But there's a problem in the market - a lot of people have already gone through college and are already getting job experience.

What other choices are there to just getting a degree? Can we get an upper hand? Is there an alternative to working for other people for the rest of our lives?

The Miami Innovators Association came into existence to help make Miami's entrepreneurship thrive and compete with others. We strive to bring the community, startups, companies, and young students of Miami closer together. We want to bring opportunity and experience out to people who are looking for a way to become successful professionals and business owners in what is currently one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial cities in the whole country.


We reach out to local startups in Miami and bring them together for events, panels, and workshops where they can network with each other and people who are looking for a different ladder to climb.

All of the biggest corporations in the world started off as ideas - everyone starts small. We're just here to help you get started, and keep going.