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Miami Innovators Association

We want to make Miami - and the rest of the world - easier to succeed in.

All it will take is a bit of ambition and willingness to work with people who can help you.

We promote the growth of the local community by providing businesses, startups, freelancers, and artists in the rapidly-expanding city of Miami with an open-source, collaborative community for the progression of all entrepreneurs, achievers, students, and passionate minds alike.

Our story so far

We're driven to unify Miami's startup, tech, and art scenes in order to create a thriving and collaborative community.

This mission is accomplished through providing our affiliates with pre-qualified interns from our wide base of talented student members from Florida International University (FIU). In doing so, our affiliates acquire the talent(s) they need while our members are provided with the opportunity to become a part of the highly active startup, tech, and arts scenes of Miami by working directly with the catalysts of local innovation in order to develop their professional skills at a uniquely high level of engagement.

Our goal for unifying the young, passionate student community with the vibrant startup community requires the support of everyone interested in leading innovation forward and progressing the #InnovationMiami movement.

That’s where you come in.

You can join us if you are a student looking to get hired by a business you like, a freelancer wanting to provide their services within a community of growing startups and companies, or an investor aiming to help businesses thrive and disrupt major industries.