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Miami Innovators Association

We'd like to support your endeavors, come see what we'll do together.

We are a movement.

We promote the growth of the local community by providing businesses, startups, freelancers, and artists in the rapidly-expanding city of Miami with an open-source, collaborative community for the progression of all entrepreneurs, achievers, students, and passionate minds alike.

As an Associate, you'll be a part of our

MIA Community

You, as a freelancer, have the freedom to make use of resources provided by MIA - plus, you're guaranteed to make new friends.

Networking Events

Don't miss the chance to attend our networking events and meet with fellow leaders and potential employers in the city of Miami.

Speaker Series

Speakers in our signature events will have the honor of talking with an audience of interested students and like-minded entrepreneurs such as yourself.

Sponsors will be able to

Acquire Qualified Interns

Startups involved in MIA receive interns from a diverse pool of motivated and engaged students with a desire for self-improvement and a chance to put their skills to the test in your industry.

Invest in Startups

Being a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to invest in emerging markets and grow startups into successful enterprises.

Get Special Perks

You can be eligible to receive tailored services and connections from the MIA community to aid you in fulfilling your visions. Your brand will be featured in select channels.

Accelerate the Miami Community

By supporting MIA, you will directly boost initiative in the sectors of business, tech, and arts and make Miami the city of tomorrow.