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Miami Innovators Association

Your future lies in your hands

Whether you're looking for a chance to meet individuals with upheld positions and years of professional experience, hear advice from experts in your field, or network and tell everyone about your skills, the Miami Innovators Association is perfect for a student like you.


Friends make your future brighter

We're here to help your talents shine and let you expand your horizons.

Come talk with like-minded colleagues, learn new things, leave your comfort zone to discover new passions to master, and have a chance to see what the real world is like outside of your education.

Professional Development

Internships & Careers

Startups and businesses affiliate with MIA to find talent on-campus. You might just be the one these companies are looking for - don't be shy, grab our attention, let us know you have what it takes to be great.

Keynote Speaker

Speakers in our signature event series will discuss a variety of topics, from art to Information Tech. Come and hear about struggles everyone faces with education, learn about advancements in all fields of studies from accounting to architecture, and open your mind to the world.

Life-Changing Connections

Business Partners

Meet real entrepreneurs, company founders, experts in all fields, and people who have invested their time and money into growing an American enterprise.

On-Campus Partners

Get to know leaders driving innovation in the area, organizations running on-campus, and honor societies that support the growth of industry in Miami.